I’m on the Come Back Trail and Jenny’s in the Record Books

This week was a monumental one for me in a number of ways, as coincidence would have it my twelve months of weekly Psycho Therapy came to an end as did my nine long months of Physio Therapy. Of course my physical and mental strength have still got a long way to go but I guess it’s mostly up to me now. I’ll just have to keep doing the stretch exercises, coping with life and taking the pills.

There’s a growing awareness that physical and mental health are linked together and I’m hoping to keep progressing in both. To that end, I started some low key parkruns a few weeks ago, jogging around Pollok Park with my other black dog. After walking miles upon miles with me for more than seven months, Jack is now getting use to running on the harness. We’ve not raced as such yet but we increased the speed a bit during the last week.

Great Run Local


Pic by Celia Alice Thompson

Freed from our role is tail runner at the Great Run Local 2k run on Wednesday (27th July), Jack and I were able to up our pace and were happy to cross the line in a PB of 9:56.

3k on the Green

On Friday (29th July), I had to leave Jack in the coolness of home as I ran the 3k on the Green in the glorious Glasgow sunshine. I was surprised to see that my last outing was on 31st July 2015, which explains why I had to register again. I raced to a PB of 11:38 last year but today I just wanted to complete the course injury free. Well a sub 15min 3k would be good.

It was great to be running with so many friends and running buddies again, including Jenny Bannerman, who had travelled down from Inverness to have another go at the woman’s course record.

I started further back than usual and had a good positive run, keeping my focus on buddies ahead of me and hoping that they would pull me round. All that dog walking must have paid off as I felt strong and confident enough to slowly build up my pace as the race progressed. Although I avoided the temptation to have a sprint finish, I was more than happy to cross the line in an unconfirmed time of 12:35. Well inside my target.

SVHC 10k 2016

Jenny Bannerman (pic by Ian Goudie Photography)

There were great performances up the front, especially by a couple of Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers (names and times to follow). Whilst they were in a completely different league from me, they may have helped Jenny on her way around the relatively flat and fast 3k course and over the finish line in a time of 9:41.  Some eight seconds off of her friend Lynsay Morrison’s record. Huge congratulations again to Jenny for capturing yet another course record in the dear green place. She’ll be back down next Friday night for a go at the Bella Belter 10k. I’m not sure if I’ll be up to 10k yet but I’ll be back asap. At least I know that I’m now on the comeback trail.

Many thanks to all my friends and running buddies for your continued support, it’s been invaluable.

Many thanks to all the 3k on the Green volunteers, for organising the best wee race in Scotland.

Full results to follow






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