PBs Galore @ 3K on the Green


Lesley Chisholm

Women’s Race

Garscube’s Lesley Chisholm returned to Glasgow Green in an attempt to reclaim her 3k Course Record from Lyndsay Morrison.  Given that Central AAC athlete had recorded a time of 9:49, this was always going to be a big ask for the 41 year old, who’s PB stood at 9:59.

Although there had been a heavy rain shower around noon, by the time the race started at 12:30, conditions were almost perfect and Lesley had a great run, managing to take six seconds off of her PB to cross the line in a time of 9:53.  Also earning a PB in the women’s race was Sharon Muir. The Inverclyde AC V40 shaved two seconds off of her PB, set in April, to place second in 10:28 . Perhaps the performance of the day was by another V40, Victoria Park’s Claire Thomson who smashed her PB by 34 seconds to earn bronze with a time of 10:43.


Claire Thompson pic by Sharyn Ramage

Men’s Race

In the men’s event it was Bellahouston Harrier youngster Jack Heathwood who crossed the line first. The sixteen year old, taking four seconds off of of his PB to finish in a superb time of 9:20. His club mate Robbie Ferguson (17) placed second with a twelve second PB of 9:35. Bellahouston Road Runner Graeme Paterson earned bronze by matching his PB of 9:43.


Robbie (411) and Jack (410) flank Richard Cooper.

Ten Sub Tens…

The first ten runners including Lesley Chisholm, who placed ninth overall, all finished under ten minutes.

Well done to them and the other seventy two runners for ensuring that the event remains the best wee race in Scotland.

Moira’s Fund

Congratulations to Richard Cooper who equaled his PB of 9:51 as he ran his 50th Race of the year. Richard has set himself a challenge of racing 366 miles this year to raise awareness and money for the Moira Fund.


Once again a huge vote of thanks to all the volunteers for organising a great race and getting the results published so efficiently.


Full Results

1 Jack Heathwood Junior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:20
2 Robbie Ferguson Junior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:35
3 Graeme Paterson Veteran M Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:09:43
4 Michael Healy Senior M 00:09:45
5 Iain Carroll Senior M 00:09:48
6 Andy Forrest Senior M 00:09:50
7 Richard Cooper Veteran M 00:09:51
8 Steven Prentice Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:52
9 Lesley Chisholm Veteran F Garscube Harriers 00:09:53
10 Brent Brodie Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:58
11 Iain Littler Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:10:01
12 Robert McCulloch Super VeteranM Kilbarchan 00:10:04
13 Colin Whitby Senior M Irvine Running Club 00:10:11
14 Scott Henderson Senior M 00:10:14
15 Chris MacNeil Senior M 00:10:15
16 Stephen Little Senior M 00:10:19
17 Sharon Muir Veteran F Inverclyde AC 00:10:28
18 Claire Thompson Veteran F Victoria Park 00:10:43
19 Alex Osborne Senior M Westerlands 00:10:46
20 Graeme Gemmell Super VeteranM 00:10:56
21 Paul Houston Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:01
22 David Murphy Veteran M Shettleston Harriers 00:11:02
23 Stephen Wright Senior M 00:11:03
24 Sean Reid Senior M 00:11:06
25 Graeme Ritchie Senior M 00:11:09
26 Alastair MacLachlan Super VeteranM Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:11:21
27 Allan Mooney Veteran M Clyderunners 00:11:26
28 Stuart Ainslie Senior m 00:11:27
29 Alan Strang Veteran M 00:11:29
30 Arthur Duggan Veteran M 00:11:37
31 David McMillan Senior M 00:11:39
32 Scott Canning Veteran M 00:11:40
33 Lisa Noble Senior F 00:11:41
34 James Weir Veteran M 00:11:41
35 Christopher Smith Super VeteranM 00:11:45
36 Steven Hill Senior M Kilbarchan 00:11:46
37 John Brown Veteran M 00:11:48
38 Mary Senior Veteran F Garscube Harriers 00:11:49
39 Craig Pollock Veteran M 00:11:50
40 Graeme Lawson Senior M 00:11:50
41 Paul White Senior M 00:11:51
42 Neil Scott Senior M 00:11:52
43 Jonathon Nicol Senior M 00:11:53
44 Lesley McArdle Senior F 00:11:54
45 Erica Christie Super VeteranF Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:55
46 Cameron Ferguson Super VeteranM 00:11:58
47 John McParland Senior M Motherwell AC 00:11:59
48 Tom Pendrey Senior M Glasgow Tri Club 00:12:00
49 Keith Gibb Super VeteranM Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:12:04
50 Greg Crockart Senior M Glasgow Frontrunners 00:12:07
51 Finlay Macrae Senior M 00:12:10
52 Frances Brannan Veteran F 00:12:13
53 Hayley McCrorie Senior F Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:12:19
54 Iain Macdonald Veteran M 00:12:21
55 Angela Campbell Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:36
56 Marianne Wilson Senior F North Highland Harriers 00:12:39
57 Elizabeth O’Keefe Senior F 00:12:39
58 David Cooney Super VeteranM Ronhill Cambuslang 00:12:45
59 Christopher Doak Senior M Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:12:48
60 Rachel Hunt Senior F 00:12:56
61 Allan Brown Veteran M 00:13:04
62 Linda Woodcraft Senior F 00:13:08
63 Lyle Walker Senior M 00:13:16
64 Margaret Hutchinson Veteran F 00:13:19
65 Mark Garton Veteran M Rons Runners 00:13:26
66 Kris Schimmel Veteran M 00:13:42
67 Robbie Wishart Super VeteranM West End Road Runners 00:14:02
68 Russell Morrison Super VeteranM 00:14:17
69 William Mitchell Super VeteranM Cambuslang Harriers 00:14:22
70 Mick Hydes Veteran M Scottish Fire & rescue 00:14:33
71 Norman MacLean Super VeteranM 00:14:36
72 Rachel Stewart Senior F Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds 00:15:00
73 Fraser White Senior M 00:15:00
74 Robert Neil Super VeteranM Forth Valley Orienteers 00:15:05
75 Gerry McManus Super VeteranM Scottish Fire & rescue 00:15:09
76 Celia Thompson Super VeteranF 00:15:14
77 Natalie McQuade Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:15:50
78 John Softley Super VeteranM Bellahouston Harriers 00:16:02
79 Marta Oleszczuk Senior F 00:16:43
80 David Hemple Veteran M Strathclyde Fire & Rescue 00:16:48
81 May Blackburn Super VeteranF 00:17:56
82 Sarah Berry Veteran F 00:18:01






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