Sweet Potato Brownies


Posh Tattie Scones?

I suppose you could say that this recipe is for a posh and healthy potato scone, or maybe not.  OK it’s healthy vegetable cake.  I like to cook the sweet potato well in advance and let it cool but if you’re stuck for time then you can cook the potato as the oven heats up.


 2 medium/large sweet potatoes

14 medjool dates- pitted

 80g ground almonds

 100g wholemeal self raising flour (use spelt if you want it to be gluten free

4 tbsp raw cacoa powder

 pinch salt


Peel sweet potatoes

 Cut into cubes

Steam for about 20 mins until really soft

Remove from the pan and allow to cool

Add to food processor with dates

Blend until smooth and creamy ( you’ll probably need to stir the mixture a few times, use a wooden spoon or spatula)


Put all other ingredients in a food mixer

Then add date/potato mixture

Blend well (again you may need to stir the mixture a few times)

 Sprinkle some flour on a workbench and try to form the sticky mixture into a  rectangular shape

 Place in a lined or greased baking tray

         Cook for 20/30 minutes (until a skewer comes out clean)

 Remove from oven and leave to cool in baking tray for 10 minutes

 Turn out of the tray, cut into squares and allow to cool further


Serve and enjoy

These, like many of my recipes, are great with a cup of coffee after a run or work out.



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