My Leg and Pollok parkrun Pics

It’s now five months since I last ran a step.  I hurt my leg over six months ago but continued running until my pacing duties at the Great Scottish Half Marathon were over. As chance would have it, my first appointment with a Physiotherapist was the next day, Monday 5th October, and, after examining my leg, she ruled out any running or cycling for the foreseeable future.

It’s been a long, difficult and painful time with treatment including massage, acupuncture and stretching.  On the positive side, it’s just my hamstring that hurts now and we’re obviously on the road to recovery although I still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…. yet!

However I have been going to the gym almost daily and as well as working on my hamstring, I’ve also been building up my upper body, particularly my abs, biceps and triceps. I swim most days too and my freestyle technique is slowly improving.  Having recently acquired Jack the dog, I also walk for 45-60 minutes most days.  This year, we’ve managed six parkruns and we’ve been extending our longs run too, sorry ‘walks’. On Sunday we walked 16.2 miles (26k) in 3hours and 33mins and I’m hoping to increase this to a marathon distance over time. Which should help me when, not if, I get back to my running.

Cat Breaks Her Duck in Pollok Park

However my lodger Cat MacDonald, who has also been injured for a couple of months, made her comeback at Pollok Park on Saturday 27th Feb.  This was Cat’s second race in Scotland, having won her Scottish debut at the Great Run Local Glasgow Quays last year.


Cat gives Pollok parkrun a High Five

Not knowing the course, she took it ‘easy’ in the first lap and was the second woman to pass me, as I took photos, near the halfway point.  She upped the pace slightly in the second lap and was the first woman across the line, placing 40th overall with a time of 21:40.



Thumbs Up for Vivian Miller’s PB

However, not being able to find her barcode, her result was recorded as ‘unknown’ and the plaudits in the women’s race went to Vivian Miller.  This is not to say that Vivian didn’t deserve her golden day, she did indeed as she celebrated her 75th Pollok parkrun with a PB of 21:43 and her highest place (42nd overall).  Another regular, Claire McCormick, finished next (48th overall) completing her 70th parkrun in a time of 21:56.  Ayrshire born, Marianne Wilson, now living in Glasgow but running for North Highland Harriers took Bronze with her time of 22:48, placing 64th overall.


Claire McCormick


The Mighty Quinn


Robert Quinn sitting in behind an early leader

In the Men’s Race, it was experience to the fore as, Kilbarchan AAC’s, Robert Quinn saw off the challenges from the younger runners, crossing the line in first place, for the 21st time, in 16:47.  Second place went to ‘unknown’ with Ian Carroll marked his 40th outing, with a time of 17:11.  Andy Bonner placed fourth in 17:22._MG_3452.jpg

How Many?

Although, the National Cross Country Championships, being held later on the day, may have had an impact on the quality of runners participating, it had little, or no, impact on the quantity with some 405 people completing the undulating 5k course. I caught some of them on camera as they passed me, all my photos are here:


As always, thanks to all the volunteers who ensure that the free, weekly, event takes place.IMG_3412.JPG


 Ian Goudie Photography

You can buy my photos here








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