Long Trip for Gold, in Yellow, on the Green

3k in the Yellow

Jenny Bannerman

Having left home at 7:30am Inverness Harrier, Jenny Bannerman, had every reason to be a little tired for her first outing at the 3k on the Green. Even though her father had done the 290k driving.  Arriving before all the other runners, Jenny had plenty of time for a decent warm up before starting to wonder if she was at the right place.  With the monthly 3k being held at lunchtime participants arrive later and registration takes part somewhat closer to the start time than at most races.

This would be the youthful looking Invernesian’s second 3k race in eight days. having travelled even further to participate in the Armagh International Women’s 3k on Thursday 18th February.

A Scots team including: Steph Pennycook; Sarah Inglis and Beth Potter won a highly competitive race against national teams from: Poland; England; Wales; Belgium and Ireland.  Jenny completed the race in a time of 9:53, just two seconds outside her personal best, to place 24th, ahead of runners from some of the national teams.

Although the competition may have been slightly less on Glasgow Green, the field of eighty seven, despite preceding the Scottish National Cross Country Championship Races, still included some quality runners.  So much so that the first eight across the line all placed sub 10:00 times.

3k on the Green

3k in the Yellow

Peter Mackie

Men’s Race

Although Steven Prentice established an early lead, it was Shettleston’s, Peter Mackie, to the fore in the final strait, crossing the line in a time of 9:40, ahead of Bellahouston Harriers David Mackintosh (9:48) and Steven Prentice (9:49).  Strathclyde University’s Andrew Mortimer was only one second behind, in fourth place.

Women’s Race

Jenny winning the women’s race, fifth overall, with a time of 9:51, taking two seconds off of her Armagh time, equaling her PB, coming within two seconds of Lyndsay Morrison’s course record, and registering the second fastest time ever in the women’s event.

3k in the Yellow

Mags Hutchinson leads Ada Stewart, two of the record 26 women


On her second outing, Mary Senior of Garscube Harrier, placed second, with a time of 11:38, whilst Victoria Park/CoG’s Claire Thompson made a welcome return to the race, after an absence of five years, earning third spot, with a time of 11:47.

One record that was smashed at the race, was the number of women participating, with a grand total of 26 running the 3k.  Keep spreading the word.

3k in the YellowRunners Wore Yellow for Hospice UK

3k in the Yellow

Lyndsay Morrison & Jack

I received a last minute email from Race Director, Al Murray, asking if I could put the message out that the February event would adopt a yellow theme, explaining that his employer, the Clydesdale Bank, rather than the usual matching of the race fees collected for Hospice UK, would double match them if the race had a yellow theme.  With the help of social media, we managed to get the word out and a large number of entrants were donned in yellow, as was myself and my dog, Jack.  I had also asked Jenny to wear her Inverness vest, as I was aware that it was yellow.  It was great to see the yellow vests line up under the arch for the race start but it was even better to see that the event raised, an impressive, £522 for the charity.


3k in the Yellow

Tom McMillan

Keeping it in the Family

Special mention to father and son, Tom and Stewart McMillan, who both had the first outing at the ‘best we race in Scotland’.

Mad March Event

As the last Friday of March is Good Friday, the March 3k on the Green will in fact be held on Friday 1st April. Honest we’re not fooling!

Full results:
1 Peter Mackie Senior M Shettleston Harriers 00:09:40
2 David Mackintosh Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:48
3 Steven Prentice Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:49
4 Andrew Mortimer Senior M StrathclydeUni Harriers 00:09:50
5 Jenny Bannerman Senior F Inverness Harriers 00:09:51
6 Robert Lindsay Veteran M Kilmarnock Harriers 00:09:54
7 Gordon Reid Veteran M Kilmarnock Harriers 00:09:55
8 Richard Cooper Veteran M 00:09:59
9 Mark Alexander Senior M Kilmarnock Harriers 00:10:05
10 Jason Bell Senior M Helensburgh AC 00:10:13
11 Andrew McCall Senior M Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:10:14
12 Stuart McMillan Senior M Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:10:25
13 David Simpson Senior M 00:10:28
14 Paul Kernohan Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:10:41
15 Alex Osborne Senior M Westerlands 00:10:42
16 Iain Campbell Super Veteran M 00:10:45
17 David McMillan Senior M 00:10:49
18 Scott Somerville Junior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:10:52
19 Chris Macneil Senior M 00:11:06
20 Andrew Cameron Veteran M 00:11:18
21 Paul Taylor Veteran M 00:11:18
22 Alastair MacLachlan Super Vet M Bellahouston RR 00:11:25
23 David Murphy Veteran M Shettleston Harriers 00:11:26
24 Stephen Wright Senior M 00:11:28
25 Edwin Walker Veteran M 00:11:28
26 David Mooney Veteran M 00:11:28
27 Christopher McKiddie Senior M 00:11:29
28 Alan Strang Veteran M 00:11:35
29 Mary Senior Veteran F Garscube Harriers 00:11:38
30 Alan Owen Veteran M Whitemoss AAC 00:11:42
31 Andrew Brown Super Veteran M 00:11:45
32 Claire Thompson Senior F 00:11:47
33 John McParland Senior M Motherwell AC 00:11:48
34 Gordon Gallacher Vet M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:52
35 Greg Crockart Senior M Glasgow Frontrunners 00:11:52
36 David Wardrope Veteran M 00:11:55
37 Arthur Duggan Veteran M 00:11:57
38 Graeme Lawson Senior M 00:11:57
39 Gordon Stewart Veteran M 00:12:02
40 Andrew Gibson Senior M Teviotdale Harriers 00:12:03
41 John Brown Veteran M 00:12:06
42 Alan Cox Super Veteran M Strathaven Striders 00:12:06
43 Russell Paton Senior M 00:12:12
44 Paul White Senior M 00:12:13
45 Scott Canning Veteran M 00:12:14
46 Yuri Goruppa Senior M Glasgow Uni Hares & Hounds 00:12:19
47 Stephanie Hewitt Senior F Kilmarnock Harriers 00:12:25
48 Lesley McArdle Senior F 00:12:27
49 Tom McMillan Super Veteran M 00:12:35
50 Finlay Macrae Senior M 00:12:40
51 Iain Macdonald Veteran M 00:12:53
52 Derek Clifford Senior M 00:13:02
53 Anne Scott Veteran F 00:13:05
54 John Moore Senior M 00:13:06
55 Alan Nelson Senior M 00:13:10
56 Lok Man Andrew Chung Senior M 00:13:11
57 James Boyce Senior M 00:13:15
58 Margaret Hutchinson Veteran F 00:13:27
59 Ada Stewart Super Veteran F Kirk’ch Olympians 00:13:31
60 Gary Wood Senior M Motherwell AC 00:13:42
61 Michael Healy Senior M 00:14:04
62 William Mitchell Super Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:14:06
63 Russell Morrison Super Veteran M 00:14:30
64 Fred McCain Super Veteran M Haddington Running Club 00:14:32
65 Karen Speirs Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:14:36
66 Norman MacLean Super Veteran M 00:14:44
67 Shirley MacNab Super Veteran F Kirk’ch Olympians 00:15:01
68 Scott Murray Veteran M Scottish Fire & rescue 00:15:02
69 Scott Henderson Senior M 00:15:19
70 Deirdrie Hoyle Super Veteran F Bella Harriers 00:15:27
71 Carol Keenan Super Veteran F Bella Harriers 00:15:31
72 Amy Parry Super Veteran F 00:15:32
73 Gerry McManus Super Vet M Scottish Fire & rescue 00:15:43
74 Ann Bath Super Veteran F 26.2RRC 00:15:44
75 June Duggan Senior F 00:15:44
76 Heather Angelopoulos Super Veteran F 00:15:44
77 Rhona Hutton Senior F 00:15:46
78 Sharon Johnston Veteran F 00:16:09
79 Celia Thompson Super Veteran F 00:16:09
80 John Softley Super Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:16:13
81 Michelle Smith Senior F 00:17:01
82 Alison Nightingale Veteran F 00:17:08
83 Sharon Sweeney Senior F 00:17:24
84 May Blackburn Super Veteran F 00:18:06
85 Laura Maciver Senior F 00:18:09
86 Lynette Baillie Senior F 00:18:09
87 Alison Low Veteran F 00:18:37


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