Gorbals the New Jerusalem

Sandiefield flats Tryptich-1.jpgWhen the Sandiefield Road Flats were demolished, on Sunday 21st July 2013, we all presumed that we had seen the last of the 69m tall ‘sky scrapers’, which had been built in 1971 to provide homes for some 400 families in Hutchesontown.

Whilst the New Gorbals Housing Association are replacing the two flats with a new health centre, social housing and office accommodation, the debris from the demolition has also found a new home.  Construction companies will recycle the actual debris but my photograph of the debris has also found a new life as the cover of a book by, the award winning, author Dror Burstein.


Dror Burstein

His new book Clay is his sixth novel and has already been described as one of the ‘most beautiful, complicated and daring published in Hebrew in recent years’.   Apparently based on the book of Jeremiah, Clay warns of the threat of destruction to Jerusalem from the Babylonian army, led by King Nebuchadnezzar, or does it ?  The author moves from past to present, between the biblical story and the reality of some living in Jerusalem today.

As for me, if a photograph of the demolition of two flats in the Gorbals, can play, even a tiny, role in deterring the destruction of Jerusalem then I’ll be a happy man.


Clay by Dror Burstein

Ian Goudie Photography




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