Alright Jack, Mine’s a Ne’erday Double

I was a bit down, to say the least, over the Christmas period. Although the day, itself, doesn’t mean much to me, there were a couple of things which friends said, or done, which really got to me and my mood spiralled downwards.

I‘d also been looking after a friend‘s dog recently, and it didn‘t help when she took him back for the Christmas period.  I therefore decided to get my own dog and, along with a friend, we identified a couple of possibilities.  However, I was arranging to go and see one of them, when my friend Maggie asked me if I wanted to keep Jack. Her busy and complicated work schedule, was proving difficult to give her dog, Jack, all the attention, love and exercise that he needs.  He’s a lovely dog, with a great nature but unfortunately has a bad skin condition, which flares up from time to time.  I was delighted to accept and he moved in, permanently, on 30th December.

My physiotherapist has barred me from running, or cycling, until my hamstring improves but I am allowed to walk.  The 1st of January 2016, gave me the opportunity to participate in two different parkruns on the same day, it seemed a perfect way of combining meeting up with friends and taking Jack for his walk(s).

Jack and Ian parkrun selfie

Jack and me – pre parkruns selfie

Dressed in our matching Hi Vis jackets we made our way to Pollok Country Park, where we exchanged New Year Greetings with friends before lining up for Jack’s first ever parkrun.  He was keen to get going but well behaved as usual and after the, very brief, pre race announcements we were set on our way, along the grass next to the Burrell, on one of the numerous alternate courses derived by the amazing team who put together Scotland’s oldest parkrun.

I felt sorry for Jack, as not only did he have no idea how far we would be going but he also had no way of knowing that this was just one of our two consecutive 5ks.  My only real concern, was wondering if we would be finished our walk in time to get to the East End prior to the 11 o’clock start of Tollcross parkrun.



Jack and Bellahouston Harriers post Pollok parkrun

I’m glad to say that not only did we manage but we also had enough time for a quick strawberry tart and a Bellahouston Harriers’ group photo before our drive along the M77 and M74.   OK I had time for a strawberry tart, unfortunately Jack is Hypoallergenic and we need to be extremely careful as to what we allow him to eat.  Which is a bit of a shame as Tollcross, once again put on a fine selection of cakes and chocolates, which went down well with a cup of black coffee, over post race chatting with friends.


Take two – Jack and Bellahouston Harriers post Tollcross parkrun

It was great to see so many friends at each, and both, of the parkruns. It’s my first time of doing the double and I really enjoyed it. Huge thanks to all the volunteers for putting these events on, it really does make so many people’s New Year’s Day that little bit more special.  Hopefully I’ll get to run them again at some point soon but for now I’ll have to settle for walking round with Jack but that’s alright.


At the tail of the Tollcross parkrun

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Baird and Kevin McMillan

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