Great Run Local, Glasgow-Xmas Race and Bash

Great Run Local Xmas Races/Bash 2015

Pre 5k Briefing

It was a hot, balmy, December night in Glasgow…… no, honest it was, well, it was warmer than usual……. as runners, adorned in festive costumes, assembled at the city’s Broomielaw.  Whilst Glasgow’s first quay has witnessed some amazing sights, in its 327 year history, December 16th, 2015 may well rate among the finest.  Whilst the numbers were much lower than the thousands of holiday makers, who used to board the various paddle steamers to take them ‘doon the watter’,  or the thousands of mourners who, in 1923, lined the street to pay their last respect to John Maclean, as his funeral procession passed by.  However the 30+ runners and volunteers, not only provided a spectacle, with their Santa and Elves outfits but they also displayed some Broomielaw benevolence as they came laden with bags brimming with food, baby items and toiletries to help ensure that those less fortunate than us may have a merrier Christmas.

Great Run Local Xmas Races/Bash 2015

Off they go….

I had been asked to take photographs at the event and, whilst it was too dark to take many action shots during the race, I did take a few at the beginning and at the end.  The warm evening ,coupled with exertion put in during the 5k, meant that by the time that they reached the Finish, the men were perspiring and the women glowing.


A few more photographs at the Christmas Bash and Award Ceremony in MacSorley’s Music Venue, hopefully gets across some idea of the fun that was had by all.

Hopefully you can join us next year, or even next Wednesday* for some more fun. Huge thanks to Emma O’Rourke, Rachael Goslan and the rest of the team for putting on such a great night.

Race Report

Great Run Local Xmas Races/Bash 2015

Job Done – Paul, Alex and Connell

In the 5k Young Paul Lafferty took an early lead and managed to hang onto it until the last 600m, or so. when first Connell Drumond and then Alex Osborne caught the Irvine AC runner. Connell wasn’t able to hold on to the lead for long though, as Alex caught him shortly after this and sprinted along the final strait to earn Gold with a PB of 18:05. Kilmarnock’s Connell crossed the line in 18:15, with Paul having the consolation of a one second PB, placing third, with a time of 18:18.  Great Run Local Xmas Races/Bash 2015Wearing my wrist band, Chris Upson, placed fourth and first Super Vet in 18:45.



Women’s Race

In the Women’s Race both Emma Kay and Janine Dickie made their debuts and battled it out with Erica Christie for the first half of the race.  In the latter stages Victoria Park/CoG’s Emma pulled away from her two Bellahouston Harriers to place first, fifth overall, in 20:57.  Janine earned Silver, with a time of 21:28. Erica finished third, and first Super Vet, in 21:51 with Mags Hutchinson, unattached, fourth (eighth overall) in 23:23.

Some great running throughout the field augured well for a great night.

5k Full Results


2k Race

Great Run Local Xmas Races/Bash 2015The 2k event was a bit of a family affair with the Lovemans providing most of the runners.

2k Full Results


Register for the Great Run Local

All my GRL Xmas photos

Great Run Local Xmas Races/Bash 2015

Celia and Mags – pre race








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