Great Run Local – 14 October 2015

My, injury enforced, volunteering continued this week as I agreed to help out at the Great Local Run, Glasgow Quays by marshaling and taking photos too.

With no wind and mild temperatures, conditions were close to perfect for running but unfortunately the onset of the darker nights is not conducive for taking photos of evening races.

I resorted to the last tool in the photographers kit bag by increasing the ISO.  The main tools are Aperture (the size of the hole in the camera which allows in light) and Shutter Speed (the length of time which the shutter is open to allow light onto the camera sensor). ISO is the sensitivity of the camera to light, It was originally the sensitivity of the chemicals on the photographic film to light.  However, the downsize is that by increasing the ISO, you also increase the amount of ‘noise’ (grain) to the pictures. See pic below. So most of my photos are from either before or after the race itself.

Noisey pic of Russell Couper

Noisey pic of Russell Couper


5k Race

Gordon Curran

Gordon Curran (post race)

In the race itself, Gordon Curran established an early lead on Darren McQuade.  The Bellahouston Harrier being content to sit in behind his Maryhill counterpart for most of the race before pulling away in the last mile. Despite a late surge from the Strathclyde firefighter, Darren held on to win by four seconds, crossing the line in 16:45.



Shaz Hakeem settled for third spot, with a time of 17:54.

Maria goes for Gold

Maria goes for Gold

In the women’s race, Maria Doherty earned Gold, with a time of 21:16.  Gillian Blee timed 21:59 to claim the runner up spot, whilst Claire Doyle placed third in 26:09.

There were a number of good runs throughout the 46 strong field, with a few delighted runners recording PBs, including: James Chalmers; Celia Thompson; Elaine Coyle and Mark Garton.









2k Race

It was a double victory for Bellahouston Harriers, as youngster, Kirstie Cochran won the 2k race in a time of 9:51.

Double Gold for Bella - Darren and Kirstie

Double Gold for Bella – Darren and Kirstie

Some of the volunteers seemed to enjoy their night too.


Happy Helen Wilkinson

Sarah Cole

Smiling Sarah Cole

Why not race or volunteer next week?      Details here.

Full Results Here

My Photos Here


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