Great Scottish Runs

I had volunteered again to act as a pacer this year for the Half Marathon and thought it would be a good idea to cycle down to George Square t 8:00 am and collect my t-shirt, number and pacing flag. That was before I had see the flags! Let’s just say it was interesting cycling home with the flag on my back.

Me on my bike and that Flag !

Me on my bike and that Flag !

The main point of my early registration was to free me up for a little while to take some pics of the 10k.  I thought that West Street Subway would be the most convienant spot to take pics from and, at the same time, consider it as a parking place for later. The idea was that if it was quiet, I could park there and get the subway to Buchanan Street, a short walk to the race start.

Jack Heathwood

Jack Heathwood

I missed the fastest runners but managed to catch Bellahouston Harriers young star, Jack Heathwood, and the women’s race winner, Inverness Harrier, Jenny Bannerman.



After these two there were a number of club mates, friends and running buddies passing my vantage point, sadly a few had run passed me before I recognised them and I wasn’t able to get their photos, including Michelle Goldie.

Missed You....

Missed You Michelle

However I did get a lot of others, including Mags Hutchinson, Sharon Molloy and Alex Osborne who were running both the 10k and the Half Marathon for charity.

Mags and Sharon



My own race, started at 11:40 and went to plan. I promised them that I would finish between 1:57 and 2:00 and I did, despite having to run round with that flag strapped to my back! 11223897_1007872925899674_7590450909981650961_n (1)

Once again, the support that I, and my sub 2 hour runners, received along the 13.1 miles was second to none. Right from the Start in George Square, when announcer Bryan Burnett gave me a mention, to the final strait in Glasgow Green when a number of friends called out my name.  A special mention to all my clubmates at Bellahouston Harriers who popped up at various points along the way.

It’s always good to help your fellow runners acheive their PBs and many of those around me did. Well done to them and to everyone who supported us along the way.

My Photos of the 10k  here

GSR 10k 2015


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