Great Local Run Glasgow with Callum Hawkins

Post Race Photo

Post Race Photo

With my injured knee and pacer duties on Sunday, I decided to volunteer to assist in the organisation of these local, weekly, free 2k and 5k races.  I wasn’t too surprised when they asked me to take photos.

With the Great Scottish Run taking place a few days later, the organisers had arranged for Scottish Commonwealth Games Athlete, Callum Hawkins to attend, although there was a little bit of confusion as to whether he would run the 5k course, or not. As it happened, he was held up by another engagement on STV Glasgow and missed the 6:30pm Start.

GRL with Callum HawkinsHe did arrive in time to pose with some of the runners and to scan a couple of the finishers’ wrist band as they completed the course.GRL with Callum Hawkins

Having met the young Kilbarchan AAC runner a few times in the past as well as racing against him, and his elder brother Derek, at least three times, it was good to catch up with him and learn about his recent training and race experiences.  He was also kind enough to allow m e to take his photograph with a number of runners, volunteers and supporters on the night.  Including the winners of the 5k, GRL with Callum HawkinsBellahouston Harriers, Darren McQuade and Sarah Munn as well as Kirstie Cochran.  Sarah had ran in the same race as Callum two weeks ago at the Great North Run and would be doing the same at the GSR. Whilst Kirstie was good enough to give him a few pointers on how to  get a PB……..GRL with Callum Hawkins

Results Here

My Photos Here


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