Long Run and Great, if unexpected, PB on the Quay !


I strained my hamstring, sprinting to do the final interval session last Tuesday night, which resulted in me having to change my plans. I reckoned that I could still run, as long as I didn’t push it too much, and ran a 10k tempo run on Thursday with the southside runners meetup group. This gave me the opportunity to catch up with some running buddies and make a couple of new ones too, including duathlete Janice Thomson. It also gave me the chance to test myself agains Brian Hughes who usually beats me in races but is one of my targets. I say “usually beats me” which means that since May 2011, he’s beat me 30 times and I’ve beat him only seven times and only once since Christmas Day 2012. That was at this year’s Vale of Leven when he was below par, finishing in 43:50, to my 42:40. Whilst racing is a lot different from training, it still gave me a degree of confidence that I could keep up with him over 10k.

No Duathlon

Rather than risking my leg in a race situation, I decided to, reluctantly withdraw from my first duathlon, which is a bit of a shame as feed back from the Gourock event were very positive. There’ll be others in the future, when I’m fully fit and can do myself justice. Instead, I went for an 18 mile run with Mags Hutchison, who is running both the Great Scottish 10k and the accompanying Half Marathon to raise funds for the Revive MS Charity https://www.justgiving.com/MandSforMS

This was the furthest that either of us had run for years, my longest run since the London Marathon in April 2012!

Most of my training this week has been on the bike, with short runs of 4-6k. This included a wee try out for my new brightly coloured shoes, the Asics Hyper Runner 6. I must say that they felt very light indeed.

Great Run Local

Having missed training at the Club on Tuesday, I decided to have another tempo run, this time using the weekly Great Run Local at Glasgow Quay. I’d been having good races there against my Bellahouston Harrier Club Mate, Chris Paton,, with me coming out on top four out of four. However I missed last week’s race and Chris did great, completing the 5k in a time of 20:19, much faster than my course PB of 20:54.

I followed my usual pre 5k warm up routine, in which my leg was quite clearly given me pain and decided that I would just run in the pack. However as 6:30 approached I noticed that most of the faster runners hadn’t made it along and told Chris that he had a chance of winning. Whilst Club President Erica Christie was my tip in the women’s event. It was quite a cool night, with a bit of a breeze when Race Director, Steven Morrison, set 39 of us on our way.

Setting the Pace at the Start

Setting the Pace at the Start

I found myself close to the front, with Chris and Conor McEriean on my shoulders and Erica tucked in behind us, so I decided to increase the pace slightly so that I was in the lead when we reached the photographer. We then turned right, over the Squinty Bridge, and Conor shot off. I thought that I’d just stick in behind Chris but Erica was right behind us, so I kept setting the pace, with Chris running shoulder to shoulder with me, matching my every stride.

The 1st k had taken us 3:55 and the 2nd one 4:01 but I never knew this at the time and I really wasn’t wanting to push my hamstring too much. I didn’t feel that I was running flat out and I was even taking the time to shout words of encouragement to my running buddies as we passed them coming in the opposite direction.

So I took the foot off the pedal a bit but so did Chris. He slowed down as I gave him the opportunity to go for it, so I decided just to sit in behind him for a bit, as we ran into the wind. However it was clear to me that the pace had dropped, Garmin has now revealed that the 3rd k took us 4:11.

Tucked in Behind Chris

Tucked in Behind Chris

If Chris wasn’t going to go for it, I decided that I would and I now started to increase the pace.  For the first time, I managed to pull away from him and I started to build up a lead.  Conor was well ahead by now, so it was just a question of ensuring that my lead would be big enough to stop Chris catching me with a mad dash along the final strait. As it was, the sound of his footsteps faded and I couldn’t hear anyone behind me.  My focus was now on getting across the line as soon as possible.

Shouted on by the volunteers and Iain Burke, I crossed the line in second place and was immediately informed that my time was 20:03. I was shattered and Stephen had to scan my wrist band for me, which may have been the reason for my recorded time of 20:06 but not to worry, even that was a course PB of 48 seconds and I had beaten my all time PB of 20:18, set at Victoria parkrun in May, by 12 seconds!

I was a surprised but happy chappy indeed. My last two kilometres had taken 4:00 and 3:59 respectively.

Race done, Chris out of it and I'm shattered!

Race done, Chris out of it and I’m shattered!

Chris followed in third place, just one second slower than last week, in 20:20, with Chris White earning third place, with a time of 20:50 and Erica placing fifth overall and first woman in 21:18.

As usual, once we had recovered, we cheered on the other runners in the race and thanked the volunteers for their support before heading home.

Full Results Here

Pics provided by GRL


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