Every Second Counts


I felt that my running buddy Mags, was getting a bit stale doing Pollok parkrun and suggested that we one of the other local ones. When I noticed that Victoria parkrun were arranging for pacers this week, the decision was made.

It appears that we weren’t the only ones to choose this option, as a record of 334 participants turned up at the west end of Glasgow park.

Conditions were good, warm and sunny, with a slight wind, as we were set on our way, around the, three lap, course by the Race Director, David MacIver.

I joined in with a number of others behind the 20min pacer, David Mackintosh. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a 23min pacer, so Mags’s plan was to try and keep the 22min pacer in sight.

I found the initial pace to be easy, in fact too easy, whilst some of us stayed on the pacer’s shoulder, others overtook him, including Steven Hill.  As we reached the 1st k marker, David seemed to realise that his pace was a bit slow and raised it significantly, too much for me and I found myself slipping away from my target.

However as the race continued, I managed to focus in on Steven and changed my tactics to getting as close to him as possible.

I had a number of friends on marshalling duties and their cheers encouraged me to keep working hard.

By the time we got to our third lap the course became quite crowded, as we were catching a lot of the slower runners on their second lap, but I could see that the gap between myself and Steven was narrowing.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to outsprint him, so I picked up the pace with 1k to go and soon passed Alan Hair, who has beaten me three weeks in succession at the Great Local Run 5k.  Steven seemed to be tiring and I was feeling strong but the lead was too wide and he crossed the line in 20:19, around thirteen seconds in front of me.

After I had recovered, I made my way down the field and encouraged Mags along the final strait, shouting to her that “every second counts”.

It did!  We both waited anxiously, as did many others I’m sure, to see what our official results would be. Mine was 20:32, which meant that I had beaten my previous outing by one second, whilst Mags had finished in a time of 22:52, three seconds faster than, her long standing, PB. Job done!

It was good to see us both getting decent times, we’ve both been training hard and hopefully we’ll get some even better times soon.

Happy Neil

A very happy Neil McMullen

A very happy Neil

One person that managed to keep on the shoulder of the 20min pacer was Ron’s Runner, Neil McMullen, who managed to record his first ever sub 20 5k, with a time of 19:49. Well done Neil!


It was great to meet up with so many friends and running buddies and, as usual, many thanks to the volunteers who make the event happen.

Full Results


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