Greater Run Local

Sunny Start

Sunny Start

Some 44 of us made our way to the Broomilaw on a sunny evening on Wednesday 12th August, for the weekly Great Run Local (GRL).  As we lined up before the event, Race Director, Stephen Morrison, explained that the route had been slightly amended, due to some work being carried out on the north side of the Clyde walkway, and that we should follow the diversion signs.  He also informed us that on the south side the work being undertaking by Scottish Water was now finished and the fence had been removed, however a marshal would be stationed at the turnpoint instead.

The two runners that had placed in front of me at my previous GRLs, Sarah Munn and Alan Hair, were not racing tonight but my Bellahouston Harrier clubmate Chris Paton and Bellahouston Road Runner, Keith Gibb were. With these events not counting towards UK Athletics rankings, I wasn’t going to burst a gut to get a PB but it would be good to beat Chris and Keith.  

At 7:30pm we set of running into the bright sun.  I shot off and found myself in second place before calming down and finding an acceptable pace.  However Keith, who I’m now confident of beating, had other plans and soon established an early lead on me.

Setling into my pace

Setling into my pace

We crossed over the squinty bridge, along to the marshal and the turning point, back over the squinty bridge and then westwards along the Clyde.  At this point Chris appeared on my shoulder and we ran shoulder to shoulder for a while, before I increased the pace as we approached the other turning point.  

Leading Chris

Leading Chris

I started to eat into Keith’s lead and he seemed to know it, as I saw him looking over his shoulder a few times.  Back along the Clyde, over the bridge, out to the marshal and back to the bridge and I caught him, just as we approached the bridge for the fourth and final time.  

A steady run out to the final turning point and I had established a decent lead on him.  Along the final strait, I knew that I was running well and pushed it in a bit in a bid to beat my previous two times of 20:54.

I was therefore disappointed to stop my Garmin at a time of 21:08.  I took a few seconds to recover and then joined in with the five runners who had placed ahead of me as we cheered the others over the line.  

A few friends pointed out that the course had been long and, on checking, my Garmin had recorded it as 5:08.  According to Fetch, this equates to a 20:44 5k, whilst my average pace of 4:10 would result in 20:50, either of which would have been a PB.  So I was right, my performance was a bit better and, in reality, I had ran a GRL PB.


Club mate Darren McQuade won the event in an official  time of 18:38, with Aoife McGarrigle earning first place in the women’s race, in 23:18.  

Keith’s result was unrecorded and Chris (down as an unknown runner) finished in a time of 21:46.

Full Results

Pics by Stephen Morrison and Rachael Goslan and processed by Ian Goudie Photography

My Training Stats

Pace: Ave 4:10 min/k; Max 3:06 min/k

Heart Rate: Ave 152; Max 160

Cadence: Ave 176; Max 188

Stride: Ave 1.36m


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