Sore Eye at the Great Run in the Glasgow Sun

Great Run in the Sun

Great Run in the Sun

Despite having done a grueling session at Bellahouston Harriers on Tuesday night (11x500m with minimal recoveries) I couldn’t resist the chance to have another race at the Great Run Local.  There would be no cycling and no swimming this week though, as a couple of corneal ulcers had developed in my right eye.  So with my eye drops in and my sunglasses on I joined the other 34 racers at Glasgow Broomilaw, including first timers Al Maclachlan and Sarah Munn.

Thirty of us had opted for the 5k, and 5 for the 2,k and we were set on our way at 6:30pm along the Clyde walkway with the sun beating down upon us.  My legs were a bit tired and with my eye causing discomfort, I had decided not to go all out.  That said, I darted off at the start with the faster runners before settling into my pace.

After the first kilometre, I decided to hold off the challenge of a competitor, who had appeared on my shoulder.  After a short while, I managed to shake him off and turned my attention to chasing after Alan Hair  Although we had only ran one mile, he had already established a big lead on me, however there was still around two miles for me to try to close the gap.  Ahead of Alan, was the leading woman Sarah Munn, who had shot off right from the start.

Back Racing in Glasgow

Back Racing in Glasgow

I was very gradually cutting into Alan’s lead but he was running well and as we approached the turning point,on the north of the river, for the second time he managed to catch Sarah. My clubmates, Jack Heathwood and Darren McQuade, were already racing in the opposite direction towards the finish line, when Al Maclachlan, running towards me, encouraged me to keep working hard.  By the time we reached the finish line Alan’s lead on me was 16 seconds and Sarah’s 6 seconds.  I was happy to place eighth, with a time of 20:53, another sub 21 minute 5k and a 75+% wava.

I chatted with the other runners and enjoyed a bottle of free water, a welcome addition to the event, before making my way home to put more drops in my eye.

Thanks again to the volunteers for making the event happen and to all my running buddies company and friendly competitiveness.

There seems to be a bit of a gremlin in the results but hopefully they will get this sorted soon.

Results here   

pics by Great Run Local Glasgow and Iain Littler

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