Polaroid Series Review

Time for a wee review of how the Polaroid 10k races went and how I got on racing against the lads of similar age.

Helensburgh 10k

Time: 42:32, placing 203rd overall, 20th MV50 and 7th MV55, beating Bellahouston Road Runner, Andrew Hardman and Clydesdale’s Gus Cairney for the first time.

Clydebank 10k

Time: 41:35, placing 196th overall, 19th MV50 and 6th MV55, with a rare victory over Dumbarton’s Peter Walsh. Smashing my previous 10k PB by 55 seconds.

Vale of Leven 10k

My time: 42:40, placing 153rd overall, 17th MV50 and 5th MV55, beating Clydesdale’s Hugh Laverty for the first time and placing ahead of Brian Hughes.

So, over the three races that I competed in, my overall position improved by 50 places, my MV50 category place (as used by the organisers) by three places and my MV55 place (as used by RunBritain) by two places.  Those old lads in front of me are all good runners and I’ll need to raise my game, significantly, to compete against them but I’m always up for a challenge.

There’s More 

During the Series, I also managed to set a 5k PB of 20:18, at Victoria parkrun #77, shave 66 seconds off of my Springburn parkrun PB, now 21:01 and get within two seconds of my Pollok parkrun course PB of 20:50. All of which contributed to my RunBritain handicap decreasing from 9.3 to an all time low of 8.0.

Throw in a Bellahouston Harriers Two Mile Time Trial of 12:37, a whole 30 seconds off of my PB and, all in all, it’s been a successful series of races and a good end to my 57th year.

If I continue to work on improving my technique and training hard, I’ll hopefully take my recent good form into my 58th year.  After all, age is just a number, until it comes to WAVA of course 🙂




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