Tasty Times at Bella Trial

At the Start

At the Start

The May edition of the Bellahouston Harriers Two Mile Time Trial (TT) was held on the evening following the Troon 10k. I had worked hard and achieved a course PB at the Ayrshire race and decided to run the TT at less than maximum effort.  June the fourth would be different.  Although my legs were a bit sore and I was feeling a little tired, having been for a lunchtime swim, I wanted to keep up my recent fine form.

I joined in with the mass warm up and we jogged along from Cartha Club House, along Lochinch Road, to Pollock House for the first mile and then turned left, joining the Women’s 10k route and up the hill on North Road, to the pond, where a left turn took us downhill, through the woods, around the perimetre of the south west allotments and back to Cartha.

Although it was dry and there was no wind, it was a humid evening and despite the easy pace, I was sweating after the warm up.  A quick wipe down and a drink of water and I lined up with the other 54 starters, including Bellahouston Road Runners Al Maclachlan and Keith Gibb and Kilbarchan’s Steven Hill, for the pre race announcement and photos, before race director Iain Burke, in his usual diligent manner, sent us on our way at 7.00pm.

The super speedy guys shot off and I settled into my pace, I thought i was doing well, when Keith Gibb appeared on my shoulder and I had to raise my game to hold off his challenge.  I chased after the guys in front and it wasn’t too long before I couldn’t hear anyone behind me. With the hills still to come, I was worried that I’d maybe pushed on too soon but I managed to catch a clubmate on the hills and foccused on another couple as we scampered through the woods and hot footed back towards Cartha.  A small crowd of marshals, parents and children shouted my name as I dashed along the road and around the corner, crossing the line in 12:37.

At the Finish

At the Finish

I didn’t know what my previous TT times had been but I felt that I had worked as hard as I could tonight and I would have been disappointed not to get a PB. However I was taken aback to discover that I had cut my PB, of four years standing, by exactly 30 seconds, much more than I had expected.

I congratulated the others on their times before doing a slow warm down and joining the others in the clubhouse for tasty soup and bread and some more post race chat.


Many thanks to all the volunteers and runners for yet another good night at Bellahouston Harriers.  Special thanks to Katy Smith for the homemade soup.

Pics courtesy of Brian Douglas and Howard Scott.



Congratulations to Jack Arnold who won the race in a time of 10:11 and Susan McRitchie, who won the women’s event, with a time of 12:32.


1 1 Jack Arnold Bellahouston Harriers 10:11

2 2 Cris Walsh Bellahouston Harriers 10:46

3 3 Darren McQuade Bellahouston Harriers 10:50

4 4 Robbie Ferguson Bellahouston Harriers 10:52

5 5 Craig Lamont Bellahouston Harriers 10:56

6 6 David Mackintosh Bellahouston Harriers 10:58

7 7 David Simpson Bellahouston Harriers 11:06

8 8 Paul Clawson Bellahouston Harriers 11:10

9 9 Iain Morrison Bellahouston Harriers 11:19

10 10 Tom Smith Bellahouston Harriers 11:29

11 11 John Whitener Bellahouston Harriers 11:37

12 12 Al McLachlan Bellahouston Road Runners 12:02

13 13 Paul Houston Bellahouston Harriers 12:05

14 14 Calum Ferguson Bellahouston Harriers 12:06

15 15 Scott McLaughlin Unattached 12:07

16 16 Graeme Gemmell Bellahouston Harriers 12:

17 17 17 Ian Taggart Bellahouston Harriers 12:29

18 1 Susan MacRitchie Bellahouston Harriers 12:32

19 18 Ian Goudie Bellahouston Harriers 12:37

20 19 Gordon Gallacher Bellahouston Harriers 12:43

21 20 Steven Hill Kilbarchan AAC 13:04

22 21 Keith Gibb Bellahouston Road Runners 13:06

23 22 Neil Nairn Bellahouston Harriers 13:12

24 2 Caroline Cochran Bellahouston Harriers 13:13

25 23 John Cunningham Bellahouston Harriers 13:17

26 3 Melanie Ronald Bellahouston Harriers 13:24

27 4 Erica Christie Bellahouston Harriers 13:33

28 5 Janine Dickie Bellahouston Harriers 14:02

29 6 Anji Carson Bellahouston Harriers 14:04

30 24 Gerry Tralongo Bellahouston Harriers 14:10

31 7 Angela Campbell Bellahouston Harriers 14:12

32 8 Emily Jackson Bellahouston Harriers 14:25

33 9 Helen Stevenson Bellahouston Harriers 14:29

34 10 Rachel Taggart Unattached 14:32

35 11 Claire Norman Bellahouston Harriers 14:43

36 12 Gael McCallum Bellahouston Harriers 15:13

37 25 Robbie Smith Bellahouston Harriers 15:33

38 26 Myles Macaulay Unattached 16:19

39 13 Clare Macaulay Bellahouston Harriers 16:19

40 27 Tom Keenan Bellahouston Harriers 16:21

41 28 John Robertson Bellahouston Harriers 16:22

42 29 David Gallacher Unattached 16:25

43 14 Carol Keenan Bellahouston Harriers 16:34

44 15 Lisa Gilmore Bellahouston Harriers 16:41

45 30 John Softley Bellahouston Harriers 16:44

46 31 Colin Clews Bellahouston Harriers 17:10

47 16 Stella McCulloch Bellahouston Harriers 17:22

48 17 Deirdre Hoyle Bellahouston Harriers 17:30

49 18 Sharon McGregor Bellahouston Harriers 17:40

50 32 Christopher Gallacher Unattached 18:04

51 33 Aaron Sim Unattached 18:22

52 34 Dillon Sim Unattached 20:26

53 35 Ian Sim Bellahouston Harriers 20:26


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