Famous Face at 3k Race

After Thursday’s efforts at Clydebank, it was on with the sensible hat on Friday (29th May 2015) as I gave the old legs a rest and decided to revert to photography duties at the monthly 3k on the Green.

There was another good turnout, with some well known faces making their debut at the increasingly popular event.  Not least of all being Falkirk’s Fiona Matheson, the UK’s No. 1  50+ female runner.

Fiona Matheson

Fiona Matheson


Race Report – by Jessica Oliver-Bell

In today’s race, we had the usual mixture of club runners and fun runners of all ages. Among our youngest competitors were Ross Stephen (09.50), Brendan Carey (09.52), and Scott Somerville (09.54) from Cambuslang. All under 20 years of age, these boys claimed 3 of the top-5 spots. The first male was Grant Baillie (09.16), with the first female, Fiona Matheson (10.28), not far behind. Many runners felt the benefits of the sun’s rays and produced PB performances, including Gavin Smith (10.02), David Mackintosh (10.06), and Cheryl Stead (14.01).

Walter Ewing

Walter Ewing

The overall best performance of the day goes to one of our regular veteran runners, Walter Ewing (19.45) of Shettleston Harriers, who surpassed his own expectations to break 20 minutes and finish in one piece with a smile on his face.

Alongside our regulars, we had many first-timers, too many to name them all! A warm welcome to you – we hope you all enjoyed running today as much as we enjoyed watching. Spread the word, summer is here, and 3K on the Green is a good place to start if you want to get fit and have fun.




Runner Category M/F Club Race Time

1 Grant Baillie Senior M East Kilbride AC 00:09:16

2 Ciaran Dougherty Senior M Bellahouston RR 00:09:45

3 Ross Stephen Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:09:50

4 Brendan Carey Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:09:52

5 Scott Somerville Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:09:54

6 Steven Prentice Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:56

7 Gavin Smith Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:10:02

8 Richard Cooper Veteran M 00:10:05

9 David Mackintosh Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:06

10 Stuart MacDougall Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:06

11 David Simpson Senior M 00:10:14

12 Craig Lamont Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:17

13 Ted Gourley Super VeteranM Giffnock North 00:10:24

14 Fiona Matheson Super VeteranF Falkirk Victoria 00:10:28

15 Aidan Cameron Senior M Central AC 00:10:36

16 Alastair Dunlop Super VeteranM Stornoway Raac 00:10:48

17 Steven Taylor Senior M 00:10:52

18 Alastair MacLachlan Super Vet M Bellahouston RR 00:11:03

19 Christopher McKiddie Senior M 00:11:06

20 David McMillan Senior M 00:11:11

21 Paul Houston Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:16

22 Chris Crilley Senior M Clyde Runners 00:11:24

23 Stephen Hoey Veteran M 00:11:29

24 Jason Barnes Veteran M 00:11:30

25 Craig Torgersen Senior M 00:11:33

26 Gordon Gallacher Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:45

27 Christopher Doak Senior M Bellahouston RR 00:11:49

28 Keith Gibb Super VeteranM Bellahouston RR 00:11:54

29 Russell Paton Senior M 00:11:57

30 Edwin Walker Veteran M 00:11:58

31 Grant Matheson Super VeteranM Falkirk Victoria 00:12:02

32 Brian McKay Senior M 00:12:07

33 John Brown Veteran M 00:12:08

34 Lynn Angely Veteran F Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:12:11

35 Kieran Morgan Super VeteranM Carnegie Harriers 00:12:13

36 Carlos Gonzalez Senior M 00:12:19

37 Craig Pollock Veteran M 00:12:25

38 Joyce Allardice Super VeteranF Clyde Runners 00:12:27

39 James Boyce Senior M 00:12:35

40 Ian Dornan Veteran M 00:12:41

41 Stewart Miller Super VeteranM Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:12:45

42 Iain Boyce Veteran M 00:13:02

43 Paul Chapman Senior M 00:13:06

44 Anne Scott Veteran F 00:13:07

45 Alistair Kerr Super VeteranM Jog Scotland 00:13:23

46 Alasdair Campbell Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:13:27

47 Watson Jones Super VeteranM Clydesdale Harriers 00:13:29

48 Neil Thomson Senior M 00:13:35

49 Ken Eccleson Veteran M Stirling Triathlon 00:13:42

50 William Mitchell Super VeteranM 00:13:44

51 David Laing Senior M 00:13:45

52 Cheryl Stead Senior F 00:14:01

53 Jude Austin Super VeteranM 00:14:09

54 Jordan Brownlee Senior M 00:14:12

55 Fred McCain Super VeteranM Haddington RC 00:14:15

56 Barry Davie Senior M Carnegie Harriers 00:14:23

57 Brian Graham Super VeteranM Kilbarchan 00:14:34

58 Heather Angelopoulos Super VeteranF 00:14:38

59 Ian MacDonald Veteran M 00:14:51

60 Peter Hunter Veteran M 00:15:39

61 Amanda McCluskey Senior F 00:15:52

62 John Softley Super VeteranM Bellahouston Harriers 00:15:56

63 Marta Oleszczuk Senior F 00:17:46

64 Debbie Thomson Senior F 00:17:48

65 Walter Ewing Super VeteranM Shettleston Harriers 00:19:35

66 Douglas Lithgow Veteran M 00:20:12

All of my photos from the race are here


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