Hope Springs in Dumbarton 10k

After my recent (relative) success at the Troon and Helensburgh 10ks and Springburn parkrun, I was looking forward to doing even better at Dumbarton last Thursday (21st May 2015).  However after my training session on Tuesday, two miles slow followed by one mile fast, I could feel pain and a burning sensation in a muscle in my upper leg (IT Band?).  I took Ibuprofen and rested the leg on Wednesday and Thursday, hoping that it would be OK to race in the evening but it wasn’t, so I decided to give the second race in the Polaroid series a miss and to revert to taking photos instead.


Off they go!

I took a few at the Race Start, which position has changed a number of times over the last few years, but which has always been close to the local school. As the last of the 750 participants made their way off of the grass and along the cycle path, Scottish running legend, Lachie Stewart, recognised me from the week before and came over for a chat.  It really is a privilege to speak to one of your heroes and to learn, at first hand, of his training and racing techniques.  I admitted that I had, once again, watched his 10,000m triumph on youtube

and he discussed the race and his tactics with me.

When the leaders of the Dumbarton 10k were nearing the end of the race, Lachie left to take up his official duties and I found a place to take photos of the runners crossing the. Finish Line.



Tewoldebeberhen Mengistgab

Tewoldebeberhen Mengistgab


Although the leader of the men’s race had changed a number of times during the course, there was no real surprise in the end, with, in the absence of Derek Hawkins, last week’s runner up Shettleston’s Tewoldebeberhen Mengistgab placing first in 30:26; Cambuslang’s Robert Gilroy in second place in 30:45; and Shettleston’s Mike Deason in third with a time of 31:28.  With Shettlleston’s Paul Sorrie placing fourth in 31:49, to secure the team prize for the East end of Glasgow club.  Irvine’s David Millar, once again, was the first MV40 (fifth overall) with a time of 32:28 whilst.Garscube’s Robert McLennan won the 50+ race in 35:37.and Greenock Glenpark’s Robert Wilson was the first MV60 in 39:00.


Lyndsay Morrison


In the women’s race it was two out of two for Central’s Lyndsay Morrison who won gold in 35:38.. Garscube’s Lesley Chisholm, repeated her Troon success, by placing second and first VW40, with a time of 35:57, whilst Shettleston’s Carole Setchell placed third in 36:55.

The host club, Dumbarton AC, won the team competition, with Lynsey Currie being credited with  the WV40 prize for her time of 38:31, being joined on the podium with Melissa Wylie and Niikki Lyons.  Clydesdale’s Pam McCrossan was the WV50 over the line, in 41:03 and Beth McLafferty the first WV60, with a time of 49:16.

My Race

Louise Couper

Louise Couper

Whilst I didn’t race it was interesting to see how those that I had competed against last week at Helensburgh had performed on the flatter course with no wind.   Louise Couper smashed her 42:56 time, taking more than two minutes off, to finish in 40:50.  Mary Senior took 47 seconds off of her time to finish in 41:57 and Derek Shand took 34 seconds off of his PB of one week, to dip below 42 minutes, with a time of 41:59.  Off course that doesn’t necessarily mean that I would have done well but I like to think that I would have.  Hopefully I’ll be fit again for next week’s race in Clydebank.


Just some of the Bellahouston Harriers at Dumbarton

Bellahouston Harriers

There were some great performances from the club, with Jack Arnold leading a posse of some thirty across the line.  Bella results here.

and more......

and more……

My Photos

The dark and grey conditions didn’t suit photography, as I  increased the ISO to compensate for the lack of light, to the detriment of the quality of pictures but I did manage to capture quite a lot of the runners.  My photos here.

Full Results


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