Hats Off to Mags and Dick Wedlock Too

After working hard at Troon on Wednesday, I took the decision not to race at the Bellahouston Harrier’s two mile time trial on Thursday but to use it as a tempo run instead. Starting nice and slowly, I was content to complete the, hilly, course in a time of 14:07.

Time Trial - pic by Christopher Steward

Time Trial – pic by Christopher Steward

Pacing at Pollok

Friday was my weekly rest day and Saturday it was back to Pollok parkrun, to pace Mags again. We were both pleased with her effort last week and she was feeling positive that she could work even harder this week and improve her time and maybe, just maybe, beat that 25month old PB.

We did a one mile warm up before joining in with the assembled masses, including Edinburgh AC’s Cath Ferry, who had made the trip along the M8 on her quest to another sub 20min Pollok parkrun, after almost a year.

With the Dck Wedlock 10k being held later in the morning and other races and charity runs, in and around the city over the next few days, numbers were down, from last week’s 462, but were still at a healthy 393.

Race Director, Henry Merriweather, congratulated Eddie Murphy on his 50th parkrun before warning us all to be carefull running over the speed bumps…………..

We set off down the hill, without any drama, and completed the 1st k on time for that elusive PB. Into the woods and up North Road, past the duck pond, down the hill, where many Bellahouston Harriers, volunteering for the Dick Wedlock 10k race, gave us their vocal support.  A sharp left turn, along the path and up the hill to the half way point. Mags was working hard but I knew that any chance of getting that PB was slipping away.  I encouraged her round the second lap, working her hard throughout. With 1k to go, her breathing was hard, she was feeling the pain but she remained positive, giving it her all and pushing on through the pain, knowing that every second was a prisoner. I couldn’t have asked for any more and she couldn’t have given any more. She sprinted down the final strait and crossed the line in 79th position, an amazing 29 places up on last week, and 18seconds faster too. All in the space of seven days! Although our target is to take a further 14 seconds off, she had run the race of her life and, for the first time ever, had broken the WAVA 70% barrier! Hat’s off to Mags!

Hats Off to Mags

Hats Off to Mags

Her hard work, determination and positivity should augur well for her Women’s 10k race next Sunday and that PB is now in sight.

I congratulated her and those around us and, after our warm down, we made our way to the Burrell Cafe, for post race coffee and chat.


Up front, Bellahouston Harrier, Jack Arnold, crossed the line in 16:28, almost 30secs ahead of runner up Bruce Carmichael (16:57), with Andy Bonner placing 3rd with a time of 17:54.

In the women’s event, Cath Ferry and Hilary Robinson had worked each other hard, their seperate strengths on the hills showing, as Cath pushed up the hills and Hilary’s ‘Cani’ running (with dogs) gave her greater confidence in the downward parts. Hilary, eventually, placing 1st in 19:47, whilst Cath crashed through that 20min barrier to cross the line in 19:56. Bellahouston Harrier, Claire MacAulay, continued her return to top form by placing 3rd in 20:53.

Full results here

As usual many thanks to all the volunteers and staff at the Burrell Cafe, for making our Saturday morning’s so special.

Dick Wedlock 10k

Colin Thomas

Colin Thomas one of a number of Bellahouston Harriers racing

I made my way aound Pollok Park towards Lochinch to support and photograph those taking part in the Dick Wedlock Memorial 10k, hosted by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Athletics Club and some friends from Bellahouston Harriers, with a great turnout from Giffnock North AC,

Sheila Lewis one of a large contingent from Giffnock North

Sheila Lewis one of a large contingent from Giffnock North

My photos are here

I was astounded to see that these photos had had an amazing 23,354 hits on Saturday evening alone!

Results to follow.

Kenny Phillips

Kenny Phillips

I also met my old comrade from Stewarton, Kenny Phillips who was, as so often, taking pics of races in the west of Scotland.  Here’s a rare photo of the man at the other side of the camera


I topped off my weekend of running by doing a recce of the Women’s 10k route with Maggie, as part of our Sunday morning 70 minute run.


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