“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ― Oscar Wilde


I’m often asked if I’m a lecturer and although I have given a few guest lectures in my time and was asked to go into teaching I am not a lecturer or a teacher although I feel that I’ve probably got more out of the education system than most. In fact I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the following Educational establishments:

Stewarton Primary School; Stewarton High School; Kilmarnock Academy; Southampton Marine College; Bell College; Stewarton Academy; Stevenson College; Telford College;Napier College; the Workers’ Education Association; the Open University; Keele University; Edinburgh University; Leith Academy; Glasgow University; Strathclyde University; Military Academy Budapest (Hungary); the Miltary Academy Ljubljana (Slovenia); the University of Juensuu (Finland); Plymouth University; Lancaster University;Bremen University (Germany); Middlesex University; Brest University (France); Malmö University (Sweden); Kiel University (Germany); Langside College; Cardonald College; the University of Barcelona; the Metropolitan College Glasgow; the City of Glasgow College; a number of trade union educational establishments and maybe a few others that I’ve forgotten about. I’ve also had the amazing experience of undertaken a study tour of Nicaragua.

I do love education but as you can see it’s not always easy to answer the question “where were you educated?”


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