Easy Protein Balls – There’s a Hazlenut in every bite.

hazlenut.jpgThis really is the easiest recipe for making protein balls  There’s literally no cooking or baking involved. All you need is a blender or juicer and a fridge, oh and half a dozen  ingredients.

Healthy, delicious and easy to make. What more could you ask for?


– 1 cup of walnuts

– 1 cup of pitted dates

– 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (melted)

– 1 tablespoon of protein powder

– 1 tablespoon of raw cacao or cocoa powder

– 2 tablespoons of mixed seeds  (I used the ones that I sprinkle on my cereal)

optional – cacao/cocoa powder and desiccated coconut



Place all the walnuts into a blender/juicer walnuts then add all the other ingredients and blend for a few minutes, until a sticky dough forms.

Use your hands to roll the mixture into small balls

Optional – sprinkle a baking tray with the cacoa/cocoa power and/or the desiccated coconut. Roll the balls over the coating.

Place in a bowl and store in the fridge.


Enjoy after your run or workout

John’s 250th parkrun

After Wednesday’s exertions at the Great Run Local, I decided a steady run was on the cards this week. I’m also of the belief that every fourth week should be an easy one, so it was time to take the foot off the pedal. I decided to give Pollok parkrun a miss and to take Jack to another one. When I heard that John Smith was running his 250th parkrun at Strathclyde Park, my decision was made.

After participating in fifteen parkruns in Pollok Park, John and his partner Moira Nicol, as well as a few others, launched the Strathclyde parkrun on Saturday 10th April 2010 with some 81 participants.

With volunteering duties taking precedence, he wasn’t able to actually run in the second parkrun in Scotland until event number ten, on 12th June 2010. Today would mark his 172nd run in ‘Scotland’s Theme Park’.

It’s testimony to the work that John, Moira and the others, have done behind the scenes that some 241 runners took part today, in the 319th event. I was honoured to be one of those helping the fellow Ayrshire man mark the occasion.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet a few other friends and running buddies there, not least of all, Race Director, Ally Robb; John Cunningham, making his Lanarkshire debut; Alison Wood, on tail runner duties; Scotland’s volunteer of the year, Janice Millar;  Iain Crawford; Eddie Carr; Ian Devoy; Pauline Henderson; Lesley Juskowiak and Robert Gilroy.

Strathclyde parkrun #319

For some reason Jack decided that he would prefer to run on the, heavy going, grass today, rather than on the pavement. It didn’t make my race any easier, or any shorter, but at least it meant that we kept out of the way of the other runners. I was happy enough with our pace, which saw us pass the 1k marker in a time of 4:33. We kept around that pace for the other four kilometres before crossing the line in a respectable 36th place with a time of 22:43. Coincidentally this was just one second slower than my last outing, on 1st August 2015 and exactly the same time as I ran there in 2013 and 2010.  Hopefully I’ll be back to beat that time soon.

full results

johnsmith250This was my 17th Strathclyde parkrun and my 196th overall. Of course John has ran 54 more than me but he’s also volunteered more, toured more and ran a lot more freedom runs too. Today was his day. He’s a gentleman and an inspiration to many. I take my hat off to you sir.

Here’s John’s amazing record:

Event  ↓ Runs  ↓ Best Gender Position  ↓ Best Position Overall  ↓   ↓
Strathclyde parkrun 172 9 9 00:20:50 All Graph It!
Pollok parkrun, Glasgow 15 52 55 00:21:19 All Graph It!
Edinburgh parkrun 9 66 75 00:22:24 All Graph It!
Ayr parkrun 5 18 24 00:25:42 All Graph It!
Tollcross parkrun, Glasgow 4 20 23 00:25:26 All Graph It!
Perth parkrun 3 15 19 00:22:41 All Graph It!
Victoria parkrun, Glasgow 3 89 107 00:24:12 All Graph It!
Eglinton parkrun 3 31 32 00:23:51 All Graph It!
Dunfermline parkrun 3 32 38 00:25:42 All Graph It!
Hazlehead parkrun, Aberdeen 2 42 46 00:24:22 All Graph It!
Livingston parkrun 2 53 68 00:26:33 All Graph It!
Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh 2 59 69 00:24:08 All Graph It!
Kirkcaldy parkrun 2 35 39 00:23:55 All Graph It!
Fountains Abbey parkrun 2 101 124 00:26:37 All Graph It!
Perry Hall parkrun 1 114 139 00:28:09 All
Woodhouse Moor parkrun 1 151 181 00:25:31 All
Keswick parkrun 1 58 78 00:26:36 All
Linwood parkrun 1 22 28 00:25:26 All
Hanley parkrun 1 37 43 00:26:48 All
Derry City parkrun 1 28 34 00:24:42 All
Greenock parkrun 1 30 32 00:22:11 All
Ellon parkrun 1 35 46 00:26:01 All
Citypark parkrun, Craigavon 1 52 70 00:28:24 All
Worsley Woods parkrun 1 153 198 00:28:43 All
Inverness parkrun 1 37 40 00:26:04 All
Poole parkrun 1 175 235 00:29:32 All
Falkirk parkrun 1 39 43 00:22:51 All
Drumchapel parkrun 1 44 52 00:27:39 All
Carlisle parkrun 1 35 39 00:25:03 All
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow 1 9 9 00:22:52 All
Portrush parkrun 1 27 35 00:26:47 All
St Andrews parkrun 1 26 36 00:24:58 All
Newport parkrun 1 209 288 00:31:24 All
Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham 1 193 233 00:26:09 All
Camperdown parkrun, Dundee 1 39 46 00:25:42 All
Elgin parkrun 1 53 68 00:26:04 All
Aberdeen parkrun 1 67 81 00:23:51 All
250 9 9 00:20:50 All


Volunteer Summary

Year  ↓ Role  ↓ Number of Times  ↓
2016 Backup Timer 1
2016 Pacer 4
2016 Pre-event Setup 5
2016 Results Processor 5
2016 Run Director 3
2016 Run Report Writer 1
2016 Tail Runner 1
2016 VI Guide 1
2016 Volunteer Co-ordinator 2
2015 Barcode Scanning 4
2015 Number Checker 1
2015 Pacer 5
2015 Pre-event Setup 5
2015 Results Processor 17
2015 Run Director 6
2015 Tail Runner 4
2015 Volunteer Co-ordinator 5
2014 Barcode Scanning 10
2014 Pacer 7
2014 Pre-event Setup 2
2014 Results Processor 6
2014 Run Director 7
2014 Tail Runner 2
2014 Volunteer Co-ordinator 6
2013 Barcode Scanning 1
2013 Finish Token Support 1
2013 Finish Tokens 1
2013 Funnel Manager 1
2013 Number Checker 1
2013 Other 2
2013 Pacer 9
2013 Results Processor 15
2013 Run Director 8
2013 Tail Runner 4
2013 Timekeeper 1
2013 Volunteer Co-ordinator 17
2012 Barcode Scanning 6
2012 Finish Tokens 1
2012 Funnel Manager 4
2012 Marshal 1
2012 Other 3
2012 Pacer 6
2012 Photographer 1
2012 Pre-event Setup 2
2012 Run Director 3
2012 Volunteer Co-ordinator 7
2011 Barcode Scanning 3
2011 Marshal 2
2011 Photographer 1
2011 Pre-event Setup 11
2011 Run Director 5
2011 Tail Runner 6
2011 Timekeeper 1
2011 Volunteer Co-ordinator 7
2010 Barcode Scanning 8
2010 Finish Tokens 1
2010 Funnel Manager 1
2010 Marshal 1
2010 Number Checker 4
2010 Post-event Close Down 1
2010 Pre-event Setup 15
2010 Run Director 4
2010 Tail Runner 4
2010 Timekeeper 1
2009 Marshal 1


Freedom parkruns

Date  ↓ Time  ↓ Location  ↓
26/06/2016 00:34:42 Wakefield Thornes
26/06/2016 00:33:26 Cross Flatts
26/06/2016 00:33:30 Bramley
26/06/2016 00:31:56 Woodhouse Moor
25/06/2016 00:32:04 Harrogate
25/06/2016 00:34:42 Temple Newsam
25/06/2016 00:33:58 Roundhay
25/06/2016 00:33:12 Wetherby
24/06/2016 00:32:30 Dewsbury
24/06/2016 00:33:54 Oakwell Hall
24/06/2016 00:31:01 Halifax
24/06/2016 00:34:18 Horton Park
24/06/2016 00:31:14 Bradford
07/05/2016 00:26:52 Strathclyde
23/01/2016 00:26:50 Strathclyde
29/08/2015 00:28:49 Strathclyde
22/08/2015 00:27:11 Strathclyde
28/06/2015 00:27:52 Dunfermline
21/06/2015 00:29:48 Bryn Bach
21/06/2015 00:31:59 Barry Island
20/06/2015 00:30:45 Cardiff
20/06/2015 00:30:44 Porthcawl
20/06/2015 00:29:57 Pontypridd
20/06/2015 00:31:52 Pontypool
19/06/2015 00:30:32 Llyn Llech Owain
19/06/2015 00:31:27 Colby
19/06/2015 00:27:18 Aberystwyth
19/06/2015 00:30:57 Conwy
19/06/2015 00:31:11 Penrhyn
30/05/2015 00:30:16 Strathclyde
20/12/2014 00:26:28 Strathclyde
22/06/2014 00:30:32 Ormeau
22/06/2014 00:41:25 Comber
22/06/2014 00:29:40 Bangor
22/06/2014 00:31:15 Belfast Victoria
21/06/2014 00:31:05 Queens
21/06/2014 00:31:12 Falls
21/06/2014 00:31:33 Waterworks
21/06/2014 00:28:56 Carrickfergus
21/06/2014 00:30:35 Antrim
21/06/2014 00:27:42 Ecos
21/06/2014 00:29:44 MUSA Cookstown
21/06/2014 00:27:48 Wallace
20/06/2014 00:32:41 Armagh
20/06/2014 00:26:59 Enniskillen
20/06/2014 00:28:26 Derry City
20/06/2014 00:28:46 Portrush
20/06/2014 00:29:52 Larne
07/06/2014 00:25:10 Strathclyde
31/05/2014 00:25:34 Strathclyde
22/06/2013 00:34:25 Strathclyde
21/06/2013 00:38:50 Eglinton
21/06/2013 00:31:50 Pollok
21/06/2013 00:31:29 Tollcross
21/06/2013 00:31:43 Falkirk
21/06/2013 00:30:00 Edinburgh
21/06/2013 00:28:15 St Andrews
21/06/2013 00:32:04 Camperdown
21/06/2013 00:28:46 Aberdeen
21/06/2013 00:29:18 Inverness
15/06/2013 00:25:29 Strathclyde
13/10/2012 00:22:29 Strathclyde
22/09/2012 00:23:50 Strathclyde
15/09/2012 00:24:40 Strathclyde
07/07/2012 00:22:37 Strathclyde
28/04/2012 00:23:57 Strathclyde
14/04/2012 00:23:29 Strathclyde
07/04/2012 00:23:14 Strathclyde
31/03/2012 00:23:51 Strathclyde
24/03/2012 00:22:33 Strathclyde
03/03/2012 00:26:09 Strathclyde
25/02/2012 00:22:08 Strathclyde
11/02/2012 00:22:44 Strathclyde
04/02/2012 00:24:23 Strathclyde
28/01/2012 00:22:38 Strathclyde
21/01/2012 00:23:05 Strathclyde
31/12/2011 00:23:45 Strathclyde
27/08/2011 00:24:50 Strathclyde
30/07/2011 00:24:07 Strathclyde
02/07/2011 00:22:35 Strathclyde
25/06/2011 00:21:57 Strathclyde
18/06/2011 00:23:10 Strathclyde


Dog Gone Race

I’ve started training again, just me and the dog until I build up enough speed and confidence to train with a group. I’m also building up gradually, although I walk with the dog every day, there’s a big difference between walking and running and I don’t want to do anything that would set me back or exacerbate the hamstring injury. It’s been a year now since I damaged it and despite having great treatment from the NHS Physiotherapist for nine months and the associated daily stretching exercises, it’s still not 100%. Perhaps it never will be, but it’s good enough to run. Well a bit anyway. As you may know, I’ve back doing the weekly 5k parkruns.

Parkrun 195

I’ve set myself a target of doing one per week until I reach my 200th one and then reassess the situation. It’s not that long to go as on Sat 13th August, I completed my 195th. Jack and I returned to Pollok Park and joined 510 other participants round the two lap, undulating course. Jack is getting used to cani-running and didn’t need any coaxing to get moving this week. Running from the off and only needing the occasional reminder not to walk, we had a good positive race and crossed the line in 74th with a time of 22:13.  I was delighted to have taken nineteen seconds off of our Victoria Park time, seven days previous, and 83 seconds off of our joint PB at Pollok two weeks before. Good progress, which is always great to see. Someone said that my next target should be to get a 21 something 5k.

Full Results

We had a tough off road session at Rouken Glen Park on Sunday morning, a couple of walks on Monday and a hot and sweaty 5k, in Queens Park on Tuesday. Wednesday was one of the hottest days of the year and we had decent walk in the morning. We sometimes do the Great Run Local 2k together along the River Clyde at 6:30 in the evening but it was over 20c, so I decided to leave Jack in the cooler confines of home and cycle down and back to the Broomielaw, where I decided to use the 5k event as a training run. This would be only my second run this year, unaccompanied by the dog. The other being July’s 3k on the Green.

Great Run Local

Despite the absence of the SQA gals and a number of other regulars, some of which were racing in Irvine, there was still a decent turnout of 31 runners, plus another five in the 2k option.  After the pre-run announcements from Emma O’Rourke we line up for a photograph and made our way to the start. We cheered the 2k runners as they passed us and then got our own race underway.

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself running along side Al MacLachlan for the initial part of the race, however when we reached the bridge for the first time he darted off and I took a more cautious approach. Over the bridge and back and I started to feel that I was being isolated so I targeted Gary Henderson and chased after him, passing Maria Doherty on my way.


Pic by Andrew Gallacher

I couldn’t see anyone in front of Gary, so I was happy to tag along behind him for a while. Although I was just looking for a training run, I started to think that it would be good to get that sub 22min 5k.


Pic by Iain Littler

As we a approached the bridge again, I noticed Stephen O’Neil ahead and decided to overtake Gary and target Stephen.


Pic by Andrew Gallacher

By the time we had returned to the north side of the Clyde, he was within catching distance and I decided to throw caution to the wind and overtake him too. There was almost 2k to go and I worked hard running out to the turning point on my own trying to establish a decent gap on Stephen.

I noticed the fast boys as they approached me. First Darren McQuade and then Michael Healy, a bit of a gap and then Al MacLachlan and Connor McEirien, running shoulder to shoulder. another gap and then Jim Buick and that was it.  Next was me.

I ran around Iain Littler, marshaling (taking pics and providing words of encouragement) at the turning point, and I was into my final kilometre. There was no sight of Jim but I noticed Stephen and Gary making their way to the turn. I had established a decent gap on them and knowing that I had no chance of catching Jim, it was me against the clock.  I worked hard both physically and mentally and the the final one thousand metres took me 4:01 mins. I surged over the line, holding my wrist strap up as I did but forgetting to stop to allow he scanner to work. Emma caught up with me and made up for my error.

Al MacLachlan congratulated me and I thought that he said ‘you got your 21 something’. I had worked hard in the heat, ran a good race and got the tie that I was after. However after chatting with the others, I realised that he had said that I had got ‘under 21’. 20;56 according o his watch. My Garmin revealed that I had stopped my watch at 20;58 and the official results show that Emma scanned me at 21:05.  All of which are way inside of my target of sub 22.

To be honest, a few months ago, I wasn’t sure if I’d run again. To achieve a sub 21 minute 5k wasn’t even in my plan, never mind reaching it so soon after my comeback. I’m pleased to be ‘back’ but I’ll resist the temptation to go gun-ho and carry-on gradually building up my training.

Full Results



Thanks to all the volunteers and fellow runners who have continued to support and encourage me over the last 12 months and more.


Gluten Free Coconut Loaf

Coconut Loaf

Gluten free coconut loaf

This is a quick and easy recipe for a healthy, high fibre, protein packed, gluten free and hypoallergenic small loaf which is low in digestible carbohydrates and rich in trace minerals.  It’s small but it’s dense, whilst still being light and fluffy, so a little goes a long way.

I made it because I had all the ingredients already, I didn’t even use the food mixer, just a bowl and a whisk, and was delighted with the result.

I’ve also decided to go Stateside with the proportions because it makes it easy. All you really need is a cup, or other container, which holds approx 250 ml


6 free range eggs

2 tbsp of honey

(optional) 1 tbsp of coconut sugar

1/2 cup of coconut oil (melted)

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

3/4 cup of coconut flour

1 tsp baking oil


Coconut Loaf

Gluten free coconut loaf


Preheat oven to 180c (350F). Select a medium-sized bowl and whisk (or a food blender) and mix together the eggs, coconut oil, honey, sugar, and salt until well blended.  Sift the flour into a small bowl add the baking powder and then slowly add to the liquid mixture, whisking until a sticky batter is formed.

Butter a small loaf tin, line with parchment paper and then spoon the batter into the tin. Gently smooth the top of the batter with a spoon or spatula and then place in the oven and bake for 40 minutes.

Remove from oven, carefully take out of the loaf tin and place on a wire rack to cool for ten minutes. Which is harder than it sounds as the warm smell of delicious coconut bread will test your patience.

Cut into small slices and enjoy. Or store in an air tight container. I use a biscuit tin.

It goes great with tea or coffee.IMG_0030






PB for Jack and progress for me @VP


Pic by Elaine Coyle

A lovely Saturday morning saw me taking Jack to participate in Victoria parkrun for the first time. This would be the dog’s thirteenth and my 194th outing at a parkrun. Coincidentally, the event was also a Bellahouston Road Runners’Championship race and a magnificent purple posse of 38 of them helped to swell the numbers running in the sunshine to a healthy 364.


Purple Posse

It was great to see so many friends from my former club and other friends and running buddies throughout the field, marshals and supporters too.

Of course, the large numbers made the course a bit tight at places, especially when running with a dog attached to you. But we managed OK. Sharing a little courtesy and humour with our fellow runners, we made our way slowly up through the field and crossed the line in 96th spot in a time of 22:32. A wava of 71% for me, more than a minute faster than Pollok parkrun last week, so a PB for Jack (first dog again) and decent progress for me.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement on our way around the three lap course and to all the volunteers for ensuring that the event ran smoothly.

Full results here



Two New Records @3kontheGreen


The July 2016 3k on the Green was a belter. The sun shone and an amazing 112 runners made their way to the best wee race in Scotland.  Ronhill Cambuslang’s  Craig Jardine made his debut and took the course record, set in May by Afwerki Haile. The nineteen year old, shaved one second off of Haile’s time to complete the out and back 3k in a time of 8:46. It’s been a great season for the teenager who earlier this year ran the Clydebank 5k road race in a PB of 15:04. Placing him in the top 0.2% of 5k runners in the UK this year.


Craig Jardine pic by Sharyn Ramage

Craig’s club mate Gavin Smith placed second, with a time of 19:12.  Sixteen year old Robbie Ferguson of Bellahouston Harriers wasn’t too far behind, earning third with a PB of 19:24.


In total, some fourteen athletes completed the course in under 10 mins, including Jenny Bannerman, who placed seventh overall..

Women’s Race

Jenny Bannerman came all the way down from Inverness with one intention, to break the women’s course record and, at the second time of asking, she did it.  The 28 year old, took eight seconds off of her friend Lyndsay Morrison’s time of 9:49, crossing the line in a PB of 9:41.

SVHC 10k 2016

Jenny Bannerman pic by Ian Goudie Photography

Garscube’s Mary Senior was happy settling for second place, in a time of 11:50, with Lesley McArdle just four seconds behind her, earning third spot with 11:54.


Many thanks thanks to all of the 112 runners and, of course the volunteers, for delivering such a fantastic event. The event must be the best value race in the country, it only costs £2 and that goes to charity. See you on Friday 26th August?

Full Results

1 Craig Jardine Senior m Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:08:46
2 Gavin Smith Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:09:12
3 Robbie Ferguson Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:24
4 Craig Reid Senior M Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:09:34
5 Jason Bell Senior M Helensburgh AC 00:09:40
6 George Lyons Senior m 00:09:40
7 Jenny Bannerman Senior F Inverness Harriers 00:09:41
8 Colin Reilly Senior m Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:44
9 Brian Douglas Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:46
10 Ryan Stephen Senior m Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:47
11 Iain Carroll Senior M 00:09:49
12 Kieran Cooper Senior M 00:09:50
13 Stephen Brown Senior M 00:09:55
14 Steven Prentice Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:59
15 Chris MacNeil Senior M 00:10:02
16 Stephen Little Senior M 00:10:02
17 Iain Littler Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:10:02
18 Colin Whitby Senior M Irvine Running Club 00:10:06
19 Richard Cooper Veteran M 00:10:08
20 Andrew McCall Senior M Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:10:17
21 Paul Kernohan Senior M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:10:22
22 Sean Reid Senior M 00:10:35
23 Alex Osborne Senior M Westerlands 00:10:43
24 William Reid Super Veteran M 00:10:46
25 Bruce Smith Super Veteran M Carnethy HRC 00:10:47
26 John Pugh Veteran M Kirkintilloch Olympians 00:10:51
27 Philip Knight Veteran m 00:10:59
28 Andrew Heathwood Veteran M 00:11:00
29 David Dickson Super Veteran m Garscube Harriers 00:11:02
30 David McMillan Senior M 00:11:03
31 Sammy Hayman Senior m 00:11:05
32 Alastair MacLachlan Super Veteran M Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:11:06
33 Paul Houston Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:08
34 Jairo Hildago Migueles Senior M 00:11:26
35 James Weir Veteran M 00:11:27
36 Alan Owen Veteran M Whitemoss AAC 00:11:28
37 Stuart McAleer Senior M 00:11:29
38 Stuart Ainslie Senior m 00:11:31
39 Tony McGale Veteran M Springburn Harriers 00:11:31
40 Jim Buick Super Veteran M 00:11:33
41 Gordon Stewart Veteran M 00:11:36
42 Gerry Gay Senior m 00:11:37
43 Kieran McLaughlin Senior M Garscube Harriers 00:11:39
44 David McNulty Senior m 00:11:40
45 Arthur Duggan Veteran M 00:11:41
46 Graeme Lawson Senior M 00:11:43
47 Christopher Smith Super Veteran M 00:11:46
48 Mary Senior Veteran F Garscube Harriers 00:11:50
49 John McParland Senior M Motherwell AC 00:11:52
50 Lesley McArdle Senior F 00:11:54
51 Dave Eames Senior m 00:12:00
52 Emma Kay Senior F Victoria Park 00:12:06
53 Lok Man Andrew Chung Senior M 00:12:12
54 Fergus Currie Senior m Garscube Harriers 00:12:17
55 Melanie Ronald Veteran f Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:22
56 Stuart Lorraine Super Veteran M 00:12:23
57 Iain Macdonald Veteran M 00:12:27
58 Stephen Dunn Senior M Glasgow Dental Hospital & School runners 00:12:28
59 Elizabeth O’Keefe Senior F 00:12:28
60 Alan Sim Super Veteran M 00:12:34
61 Ian Goudie Super Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:33
62 Ali Wright Veteran m 00:12:40
63 Angela Campbell Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:43
64 Joe Doyle Super Veteran M Victoria Park 00:12:48
65 Linda Woodcraft Senior F 00:12:58
66 Sharon Molloy Senior F 00:13:00
67 Kara McCurrach Senior f Metro Aberdeen 00:13:03
68 James Swift Senior m 00:13:07
69 Anne Scott Veteran F 00:13:11
70 Mischa Railton Senior f Glasgow Dental Hospital & School runners 00:13:13
71 Margaret Hutchinson Veteran F 00:13:16
72 Peter Ogden Super Veteran M Ron Hill Cambuslang 00:13:17
73 William Todd Senior M 00:13:23
74 Paul Chapman Senior M 00:13:27
75 Freddie Li Senior m 00:13:46
76 Robert McKerlie Veteran M Glasgow Dental Hospital & School runners 00:13:48
77 William Mitchell Super Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:13:52
78 Tom Cunning Senior m 00:13:57
79 Russell Morrison Super Veteran M 00:14:02
80 Gary Wood Senior M Motherwell AC 00:14:03
81 Tony Hamilton Veteran M 00:14:10
82 Robbie Wishart Super Veteran M West End Road Runners 00:14:12
83 Graeme Aitken Veteran M 00:14:14
84 Leah McCluskey Senior f Shettleston Harriers 00:14:16
85 Jane McCluskey Senior f glasgow running network 00:14:16
86 Lizzie Hamilton Senior F 00:14:22
87 Morna Macleod Veteran f 00:14:28
88 Tom Keenan Super Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:14:48
89 Gillian McGale Veteran F Springburn Harriers 00:14:51
90 Celia Thompson Super Veteran F 00:15:05
91 John Graham Super Veteran M 00:15:09
92 Michael Daw Veteran m 00:15:13
93 Graham Kelly Veteran M Westerlands 00:15:22
94 Nigel Barclay Senior m 00:15:29
95 Declyn Houston Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:15:30
96 Andrew Gallacher Veteran M 00:15:31
97 Sarah Groom Senior f 00:15:50
98 Andrew Aird Veteran M Kinross Road Runners 00:16:02
99 John Softley Super Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:16:34
100 Pamela Gorman Veteran F 00:16:35
101 Kirsty Hannigan Senior f 00:16:36
102 Grace Cunning Senior f 00:16:47
103 Joanne Dailey Veteran f 00:17:02
104 May Blackburn Super Veteran F 00:17:20
105 Sarah Berry Veteran F 00:17:54
106 Mia Currie Senior f 00:18:03
107 Linda Currie Senior f 00:18:05
108 Lynne Malcolm Veteran F 00:20:04
109 Lynsey Smith Senior F 00:21:27
110 Kirsty Bowman Senior f 00:25:05
111 Abbu Shields Senior m 00:25:05
112 Walter Ewing Super Veteran M Shettleston Harriers 00:25:48